Coaching is a collective term that covers individual, team and project coaching. The coach’s role is to assist and support the client in achieving their own (predefined) goals or ideas. In contrast to classical counselling, the coach accompanies and nurtures the client’s development of their own ideas and solutions. Structured discussions about the client’s private and professional life allow the client to assess and develop their personal competencies, strengths, resources and resilience. This method provides an opportunity for self-reflection and personal growth. Focus is put on the development of such skills as problem and conflict resolution,time management and work/life balance, and on ways to enhance motivation. The coach acts as a neutral, open-minded dialogue partner.

Coaching can be useful for:

  • reaching personal and/or professional goals

  • finding solutions to personal or professionalsituations or conflicts
  • transitional periods
  • stress management
  • work/life balance