2023 Dip CBH, Level 5 higher diploma in Cognitive   
    Behavioral Hypnotherapy (foundation degree)

2020 cert. Master Hypnotherapy
2020 Conventional medicine level 1
          Diploma in medical basics

2020 Hypnosis for children VSH
2019  Hypnobirthing VSH
2018  Mental Coach MV

2017  cert. Hypnotherapist NGH

2017  Hypnotherapist MV  
2005 MSc in Psychology (Psychologist, Swiss federal              recognised)

          BSc in Psychology

          BA in modern languages (German, French)

Further Education/Training

  • Ongoing participation in specialist conferences, e.g.
  - Aggression: When family and school reach their limits
  - Covid-19: Tomorrow after today - your own defences and  the benefits of natural medicine
  - etc.

  • Chirotrance hypnosis
  • Hypnosis HTR protocol
  • Flash induction (hypnosis)
  • Interventions and group training in difficult school classes and further training on violence prevention (Institute for Conflict Management IKM, Zurich)
  • Leader of psychotherapy group for children and adolescents (Erziehungsdirektion Bern)
  • Training in the Mythodrama therapy method by Prof. Dr Allan Guggenbühl

Member of: